Get a Kitchen Hood Cleaning

Many Restaurants don’t bother to think about cleaning their kitchen hood.

It’s an integral part of your kitchen and it’s cleanliness could make a huge difference in your cooking and health, not to mention that of your customers.

Here are five important reasons to consider hiring a commercial kitchen hood cleaning company to clean your kitchen hood regularly besides the fact that such cleaning must be performed by licensed professionals.

Clear Any Blockage It’s not just smoke that’s wafting up into the kitchen hood. It’s also grease and dirt that gets up there and gets lodged in the exhaust.

That can turn your kitchen hood into a bacteria breeding ground. Mold, mildew and other unwanted side effects are bound to occur.

It’s so easy to fix this problem before it starts, just call a commercial kitchen hood cleaning company like ” Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Consultants “.

Attract Critters It’s not just dirt and bacteria you have to worry about. If enough grime builds up, you could end up attracting bugs and critters to feed on the sludge.

Then, it’s only a matter of time before they start crawling out right over your stoves and ovens! Don’t let it get to that point and don’t let your customers or an inspector find out before you do.

It’s The Law Depending on what the local restaurant or industrial kitchen laws are in your area, maintaining a clean, working kitchen hood is one part of passing inspection and staying on schedule.

If an inspector comes in and finds a spotless kitchen but spotty kitchen hood, you could still be in trouble.

NFPA 96, depending on what you cook and how much, you might need to have your kitchen hood cleaned as often as monthly.

It’s A Fire Hazard With all that build-up that collects in a kitchen hood, you run the risk of some of it catching on fire.

All of a sudden, you’ve got yourself a fire hazard that you didn’t even realize existed.

Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Don’t just worry about the parts you can see, make sure a commercial kitchen hood cleaning company like Kitchen Cleaning Consultants gets into the unit to ensure that you’re not violating codes and putting your staff or customers at risk.

Prevent Shutting Down & Losing Business The more you service your kitchen hood and the more regularly you do it, the less chance you’ll need a commercial kitchen hood cleaning company to come in and do extensive work that requires your kitchen to close.

You don’t want to lose business and money because you neglected on the kitchen hood cleaning.

So don’t wait until it’s too late and your kitchen is a fire hazard, overrun with bacteria or in breach of state law.

Get “Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Consultants” to come in with their full-licensed kitchen hood cleaners and give you a fair estimate on what it will take to get your kitchen hood spotless.