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iOS Small Business Field Service Software | "Stay Informed 22 Years of Commercial Field Service Technology Knowledge" or 314.389.9400

iOS Small Business Field Service Software

Locate staff in real-time, instantly dispatch urgent jobs, communicate with staff and clients without disruptive phone calls.

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safe guard track time
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Track time and jobs easily

View all unscheduled jobs and quotes, easily allocate jobs to staff members using drag-n-drop. Staff will be notified instantly via our iPhone app / SMS message while on the road. Print daily schedules, work orders and routing maps for each staff member.

Communicate effectively with your staff

safeguard effectively

With scheduling reminders, email and sms messages built-in, you can dispatch information to your staff faster than ever before, keeping them up to date with their schedule. The dispatch map will let the office see where staff are in ‘real time’, so you know who is the closest field technician or courier you can allocate an urgent job to. Messages sent to staff with iPhones or iPads are free of charge.

safeguard email
Service Industry Experts

Email clients

Send emails to your clients direct from the job card. Use an email template to make emailing even faster. You can create your own templates for sending invoices, quotes, updates or payment reminders. In just a couple of clicks you can have an email completed and sent. You’ll save time spent writing the same messages over and over. Your email will be saved into the job diary for future reference on that job. Build your templates using the job details you want automatically included from the job. Templates keep your emails consistent, no matter who sends them. You can still add a quick note, click send and it’s done!

SMS clientssafeguard sms

Remind clients of appointments, notify of parts arrival or request a call back to your office. Made very easy from the job card, just click on New SMS, type your message or use a template for common messages. Once sent, your SMS messages will be saved in the diary for future reference.

safeguard staff areStaff are notified instantly of job and scheduling changes

Staff receive an instant notification on their iPhone via SMS and voice notification of any changes to their schedule, including urgent jobs that are instantly dispatched directly to them.

Voice alerts allow staff to continue with their work or continue driving without having to stop and read SMS messages from the office. Notifications such as “schedule updated” , “urgent job allocated” or “next job due” reminders. Real connection without interruption!

Introducing the Job Board

Your mission control. From booking to invoice, your jobs will stay on track.

safeguard dispatch mapThe Job board Map

Seeing all your staff on the map helps you to make smart dispatch decisions. You can see where all the current jobs are and where staff are up to. Scheduled jobs are blue and turn green as soon as they have been completed. You can even see when field staff have begun navigating to the next job as their path turns green ahead of them, so you know they are on track to be at the next job without having to pick up the phone and call them.

Staff Schedule

Scheduling is used for fixed booking times, simply drag safeguard schedule

jobs onto the scheduled time & staff member of choice. Double click to read more information about the booking, from here you can change the time or open the job card.

safeguard instantInstant Dispatch

Used for urgent job allocations, simply drag the job directly onto a staff member on the dispatch board. A dispatch window will pop up, here you can allocate the job, set an expiry time, write a quick SMS with any details required and click to allocate the job and notify the staff member. Staff are notified instantly on their iPhone or iPad by SMS message as well as voice notification “urgent job allocated”.

Job Allocations

Not just a different way to schedule, its a new way of safeguard job allocationthinking. Use job allocations to book jobs by a booking ‘window’. Drag the job directly onto the staff member the same as an instant dispatch, then set the time window. A more flexible way, great for allowing staff to complete jobs in the best order for them, especially where an exact time is not as much a factor. Allocated jobs will not appear on the daily schedule. To view these jobs, click on the staff member to view their live job list, broken into the dates and time ‘windows’. Jobs do not leave the schedule until they have been actioned, so they can never be forgotten or slip through the cracks!


Inspire confidence in your clients with professional quotes, invoices and emails.

safe guard quotes invoicesProfessional quotes & invoices

Safe Guard makes invoicing as fast and easy as possible. From your first invoice you’ll start with a professional looking invoice created as a PDF and saved in the job diary. Using smart attachments you can attach it to an email and send it in seconds. Print, email and even post invoices from your iPhone or iPad while at the job.

Notify clients your on-approachSafeGuard notify

Safeguard can automatically SMS clients when you’re on-approach to the job. This ensures they are available and ready when you arrive. No more wasted time travelling to jobs only to find the client is not there when you arrive. Simply click Navigate on your iPhone or iPad while viewing the job. You’ll need to have the client’s mobile number entered on the job card for this to activate.

Job reminders

The best staff can be the worst at remembering appointments. Set automatic job reminders to alert you 15 minutes before scheduled bookings. Job reminders are given by pop up message and voice notification – easier than having to view your phone every time an alarm goes off. Keep your jobs on track!

 Email templates & smart attachments

Are your emails to clients for quotes getting shorter and shorter? Setup a quote email template and not only will your email look professional, it’s quicker than typing a one-liner – just two clicks. It’s also a great way to ensure all staff are communicating consistently with clients, job after job.

Smart attachments allow you to instantly add any quote, invoice or photo to emails without having to browse folders.

No job left behind

With Safe Guard dispatch board, jobs cannot be filed away and forgotten. They are placed in “Job Queues”, which automatically bring the job back to your attention after an expiry period. No job is ever left behind.

Don’t get lost

With turn-by-turn navigation on your iPhone or iPad, you’ll never get lost on the way to a client.

To take full advantage of turn-by-turn navigation you need to combine Safe Guard with the Navigon navigation app.

Invoice templates

You can easily change the style of your invoice or quote. Select from one of the existing designs or even design your own using Microsoft Word. Most template designs will automatically use your uploaded company logo. We make it easy for you to look professional!


Never lose client details

No job is ever deleted from ServiceM8, so you can never lose a client’s details. Use the power of search to recall any past job. Use a phone number or a street name, or any client details to recall any past job. Answer queries on past jobs fast by recalling the job using Search – you’ll have the information you need instantly, helping you to provide a professional response every time.

Branded Photos

Any photo you have taken or saved on a job holds a permanent marker of the date it was saved. When you email the photo to a client it carries a permanent brand with your business name, job number and date saved. A helpful professional record, for suppliers or clients tracing directly to the job.

For a more in-depth information free consultation feel free to call Safe Guard Field Service Solutions in St Louis MO.  Jason Hofstein, Founder of Safe Guard Field Service Solutions believes in the future of cloud computing technology and has his eye on the evolving cloud computing trends.

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