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Hood Cleaned Professionally


The damage that can be caused by a fire in a restaurant or commercial kitchen can be quite significant. Preventing fire damage is a priority when it comes to commercial kitchens.

Having a commercial kitchen ventilation system cleaned regularly by a professional hood cleaning company can cut the potential for any types of fire hazards.

Because a commercial hood will accumulate large amounts of greasy residue as a result of the cooking process, it is important that this residue be fully removed, as it will act as fuel for any fire and allow a fire to quickly spread around and within the ventilation system.

Frequent, thorough cleaning can prevent many problems in a commercial kitchen. Nearly all restaurant fires begin in the kitchen.

There are many specifications when it comes to the proper cleaning rules for commercial hoods. The commercial hood must be cleaned completely, both inside and out.

Exhaust fans need to be taken apart and cleaned down to the bare metal. It is important to have professional consultation because many of the chemicals that must be used can be caustic.

The fire suppression system must be thoroughly inspected during the cleaning process as well. The end caps on the nozzles must be kept clean, because in the event of a fire, the automatic activation cannot be impeded by any type of grease blockage.

If grease has accumulated in the nozzles, then they will not effectively put out a fire. Utilizing the services of a professional hood cleaning company is a wise move for most restaurant owners.

The cleaning that is necessary extends beyond mere soap and water. There is some specific equipment that is required to properly clean the system and keep it in good working order.

High pressured hoses, scrubbing brushes and vacuums are all part of the process when it comes to cleaning a commercial kitchen ventilation system.

Taking chances with a restaurant kitchen fires can have costly and potentially deadly consequences. Having the right fire prevention plan will help keep the commercial kitchen ventilation system in good working order.

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Hood Cleaning Method

Kitchen exhaust cleaning is required by law for every commercial cooking establishment in the United States.

Restaurants, hospitals, hotels, employee cafeterias and other food-service locations have a “hood” and duct work over the stove to exhaust smoke, steam, and fumes out of the building. These exhaust gases leave a residue on the inside of the duct work.

This is usually a grease residue of some sort, depending on the type of cooking. Char broilers commonly leave heavy black grease. Chinese cooking normally deposits a sticky or rubbery residue.

When a charcoal or wood-burning stove is in use soot and ash residue builds up in the duct work. Dishwashers leave heavy lint deposits.

When the buildup of grease becomes heavy, a fire hazard exists. Approximately one of three restaurant fires is caused by grease.

A common scenario of how a kitchen exhaust fire starts is this: A flame flares up on the stove.

The fire contacts the filters above the stove on the kitchen hood. The filters ignite.

Since the exhaust fan is on, drawing air into the hood, through the filters, and up the duct, the flame on the filters is pulled into the duct.

If significant grease residue exists on the duct interior, this can act as a fuel and the fire spreads up the duct, perhaps all the way into the fan.

We have seen fire climb up a ten-story duct to the fan on the roof and burn up the fan.

Modern duct construction is designed to hopefully withstand such duct fires. The duct seams are welded to prevent grease or fire from leaking out and the shafts around the duct are made of fire resistance materials.

However, older buildings are still at risk, and even in modern ones the fire may leak out or could come out onto the roof via the fan.

When an exhaust system is cleaned regularly, however, the chances of a duct fire are extremely remote.


There are two primary methods of cleaning kitchen exhaust System

duct work: Scraping.

Pressure washing or steam cleaning.

This is the more economical method and is extremely effective when done thoroughly. We know of no duct fires that have occurred because of using this method (unless it was done poorly).

Scraping of duct systems complies with the Uniform Fire Code that is the governing fire code. The cleaning method for kitchen exhaust systems is scraping then pressure washing.

The alternative to scraping is pressure washing or steam cleaning. This is a more costly and time-consuming technique, since it requires much prep work to control waste water and more expensive equipment is involved.

However, this method will clean duct work down to “bare metal,” which is standard the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) as spelled out in NFPA Standard 96.

We often do pressure washing of kitchen exhausts as well as scraping. This is done for a variety of reasons.

Sometimes the ductwork may be inaccessible for scraping or the client simply wants to take the extra precautionary step of having it cleaned to “bare metal.”


The most common cleaning frequency is every 3 months. This can vary, however. The kitchen exhaust systems that need cleaning most often are those over wood-burning or charcoal-burning stoves.

These should be cleaned every month at least, and in some cases as often as every 2 weeks.

Below are various types of cooking establishments and their most commonly recommended cleaning frequencies.

Wood-burning or charcoal-burning stoves, char broilers, 24-hour restaurants, and some hamburger places: 30 DAYS.

Many hamburger restaurants and fast-food locations: 60 DAYS.

Average restaurant, employee cafeteria, and hotel or hospital kitchen: 90 DAYS.

Pizza places, convalescent hospital, small snack bar, oven hood: 180 DAYS.

Hoods over non-grease-creating appliances, such as steam kettles, dishwashers, soup vats, etc. ONE YEAR.

Kitchen exhaust cleaning is a standard part of the routine maintenance of any cooking establishment.

All kitchen managers and restaurant owners should be aware of its role in fire prevention and make sure it is done

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Start a Hood Cleaning Company

Low Cost Business Opportunity

Eds Exhaust and Duct Services is offering training in a low-cost business opportunity…commercial kitchen hood cleaning. Other hood cleaning schools are selling equipment packages or complete franchise packages. We have developed a hood cleaning school with you in mind. It is NOT a franchise.It is a complete low-cost business training program.

No large franchise fees…in fact…NO franchise fees.
We don’t sell you equipment…we tell you where to buy it and get the best deals.

We don’t sell you supplies or tools…we tell you where to buy them and get the best deals.

What we do teach you is how to run a hood cleaning business. Sure, you will learn how to clean a commercial kitchen grease exhaust system…and not on a dummy hood we set up in the back of our building.

At night you will go out with one of Eds Exhaust and Duct Services hood cleaning crews and learn by doing. During the day we will show and teach you all that we have learned about running a successful hood cleaning business since 1988. A business that we have discovered is very recession resistant.

Low Cost and Recession Proof Hood Cleaning Business

It is no news to anyone that our economy is in a recession and making money in today’s economy is a struggle for many Americans.

With business closings, downsizing, and corporate restructuring – job security is a very real and scary thought. Recession proof businesses and recession proof jobs are often pipe dreams.

They can have costly start-up fees, extensive education, or training. One business idea that may be new to you – that is recession proof – that can make you money NOW – is hood cleaning.

What do You Want to Achieve

Cleaning commercial kitchen exhaust systems as a job, as a business, Consider that restaurants and other commercial kitchens are required by fire codes, food inspectors, insurance companies, and property owners, this offers steady income to the person with the will to apply him or herself.

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Start a Restaurant Kitchen Hood Cleaning Company

Why Do Hood Cleaning?

Six Reasons To Start a Hood Cleaning Business

  • It Is Required By the National Fire Protection Association
  • (NFPA 96 2014)
  • It Is Repeat Business
  • It Is Recession Proof
  • You Know Who and Where Your Customers Are
  • Make Up To $2000 Per Night With One Crew
  • You Can Make Money While You Sleep

Reason #1 – Hood Cleaning Is Required

NFPA 96 Code 11.6.1 Requires It.

11.6.1 Upon inspection, if the exhaust system is found to be contaminated with deposits from grease-laden vapors, the contaminated portions of the exhaust system shall be cleaned by a properly trained, qualified, and certified person(s) acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction. 

Hood Cleaning is better than any other contracting type of work because it is a requirement. The grease from cooking builds up in the system until it becomes a dangerous fire hazard.

The grease is flammable and so it is best to remove it using degreaser and hot water under pressure to thoroughly clean and remove it.

If a system is inspected by a Fire Marshal and found to have too much grease he will order them to have it cleaned or face fines.

According to the National Fire Protection Association Standard 96 the hood system needs to be cleaned by a properly trained and certified professional.

One major reason for this is so that restaurant owners do not send their own staff in to clean it because it is unlikely to get cleaned effectively.

Another reason is so that unqualified people generally, even contractors, don’t attempt to clean it when they haven’t been properly trained or certified.

What this means for you is that if you are a certified professional, you could be the company who cleans it on a regular basis.

We can give you unprecedented training and certification that will help you get your professional foot in the door.

Reason #2 – It’s Repeat Business

The NFPA 96 requires the grease to be cleaned regularly.

NFPA 96 Code 11.4

Type or Volume of Cooking Inspection Frequency
Systems serving solid fuel cooking operations Monthly
Systems serving high-volume cooking operations, such as 24-hour cooking, charbroiling, or wok cooking Quarterly
Systems serving moderate-volume cooking operations Semiannually
Systems serving low-volume cooking operations, such as churches, day camps, seasonal businesses, or senior centers Annually


The NFPA requires that the grease gets cleaned with regular frequency to prevent dangerous buildup. Depending on the volume of cooking (i.e. how busy the restaurant is) determines how often it should be inspected for grease buildup.

When the grease reaches 2000 microns it is time for a cleaning. Most hood cleaning companies simply clean the system regularly according to this grease buildup, usually once per month, every three months, or every six months.

Nursing homes, schools, and churches can get by with a once per year cleaning. Because the grease is required to be cleaned on a regular basis, this means repeat business for you.

Contractors generally have no idea when or where their next job will be.

Hood cleaning gives you the opportunity to forecast your budget and know exactly how much money you will make months down the road because you will know each restaurants cleaning schedule.

Reason #3 – It’s Recession Proof

Your service will be necessary even in a slow economy. People will always continue to buy food even when the economy is slow.

Restaurants are not going away. In fact, they are steadily on the rise, popping up everywhere. Now is a great time to get in the hood cleaning business.

As long as people are eating, your service will be required and necessary. That’s good business.

Reason #4 – You Know Who and Where Your Customers Are

This makes selling easy. In the contracting business, you never know where your next customer is going to come from.

Residents and commercial businesses will need contracting work from time to time, but you never know who, where, or when. Hood cleaning is the exact opposite. You know exactly who your customers are, i.e. restaurants, schools, churches, nursing homes, etc.

You know exactly where they are which makes it easy to get a list of them and begin going down that list winning sales. You also know exactly when they need it cleaned once you have your foot in the door. No guesswork. Just opportunities.

Reason #5 and #6 – Make Up To $2000 Per Night 

Serious Money. No Joke. Just like it says, you can make $2000 in one night with a good crew. The average hood cleanings start at $350 and go up from there.

Many jobs can be done with just one man. So you can do them yourself and make up to $1000 per night or hire a crew and do two to three jobs in one night and make $2000 or more while you sleep. It’s up to you.

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Reasons to do Kitchen Hood Cleaning

5 Reasons To Start A Hood Cleaning Business

If you’ve thought of opening your own business have you considered starting a Hood and Duct or Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning service?

Your probably wondering what is a Hood and Duct business and why would I want to start one since I’ve never heard of Kitchen Exhaust Certification?

The following list will describe why Hood & Duct Cleaning is one of the all time best business that you’ve never heard of:

1. Built In Customers:

Every commercial restaurant has to have their kitchen exhaust system cleaned and certified against grease and chemical residue buildup that accumulates as a result of normal everyday cooking activity.

Regular Hood and Duct cleaning certifications are mandated by the insurance companies and regulated by the state and local fire marshal’s office.

2. Easy to Learn:

Learning to clean and certify hood is an acquired skill but it’s not rocket science. Most people can learn to successfully certify a commercial kitchen exhaust system in about five to seven business days.

3. Low Cost to start:

Starting a new business can put you in the poor house when you factor in equipment and training costs.

Learning to clean hoods is a low costs business from  equipment to a marketing standpoint with one of the highest returns on investment of any business.

4. Little Competition:

Most restaurant owners and insurance companies are hard pressed to find a certified Hood and Duct cleaning service.

Good Kitchen Exhaust hood companies receive more referrals that they can handle.

Plus Hood and Duct cleaning services have very high customer retention rates because of the lack of qualified, certified companies.

5. High Income Potential:

The average Hood Cleaning service is around $350.00 per cleaning.

Most good Hood Cleaners try to service between 8 and 10 customers per week .

You do the math but for a week’s training and the right marketing strategy where else can you make the type of money?

This is why Hood and Duct Cleaning or Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Certification services are one of the best low-cost business of all time.

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