Sweet basil restaurant still closed after kitchen fire since April 2014

Two restaurants. Two kitchen fires. Two forecasts for an early August reopening.

But as tends to happen, owners at Sweet Basil and Stroud’s are finding that it’s taking longer than they predicted to get their restaurants operating again.

Sweet Basil at 2424 N. Wood lawn been closed since early April, when a kitchen fire caused an estimated $400,000 damage.

The Italian restaurant is getting a total interior remodel, and owner Charli Singh has faced delays because of issues with placement of a grease interceptor.

Though he’d hoped to reopen in early August, he said, he’s just now taking bids from contractors and now says it’ll be October before the restaurant is ready.

“I thought I’d be open by now, to tell you the truth,” he said. “A lot of people are waiting.”

Meanwhile, it’s also taking Stroud’s, the family-style fried chicken place at 3661 N. Hillside, longer than anticipated to reopen.

A kitchen fire shut down the restaurant in early July. General Kevin Allis hoped the restaurant would be back in early August, but the updates provided on the restaurant’s Facebook page say it’s going to be early September.

I’ll let you know when both restaurants settle on opening dates.

That is more the reason restaurants or any cooking establishment wants to make sure they know how important it is to have a cleaning schedule.

The money that is being lost is a shame I emphasis its imperative that a commercial cooking site have routine inspections of their Kitchen exhaust systems and the cooking appliances.

This story is an example of what can go wrong but skipping corners it’s too late when a fire breaks out so I urge to have inspection plan put in place.

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