Unclean kitchen filters are a leading risk for kitchen fires in Australia

cropped-hood-11.jpgUnclean filters are one of the leading causes of commercial kitchen fires in Australia. As such, commercial kitchens are urged to review their filter maintenance and exhaust cleaning schedules.Graeme Williamson, Managing Director of Lotus Filters, is urging all Australian restaurant operators to review their filter cleaning schedule.“Not only do dirty kitchen filters cause a great OH&S concern for the restaurant and environment, something as simple as regular cleaning can ensure the safety of your staff and customers.

The need for consistent, reliable, scheduled filter cleaning has never been greater,” he said.The kitchen grease that travels into the canopies, ductwork and exhaust fan is highly flammable and difficult to detect. Fire occurs when a small spark from the kitchen stove meets the oil and grease inside the filters.“It is remarkable how many restaurant owners view scheduled filter cleaning maintenance as a hassle and cost to their business. Insurance claims are often rejected if there is no proof that the kitchen filters are regularly cleaned,” said Graeme.