Family restaurant a total loss due to fire

Brandon, Florida — A family restaurant is a total loss after a fire broke out in the building Friday evening.

Hillsborough Fire officials say calls came in to 911 dispatch about the fire around 5 p.m. When firefighters arrived, there was heavy smoke and flames coming from the roof of Ben’s Family Restaurant on E. Brandon Blvd., which was occupied at the time.

People told firefighters that they heard things falling above them and then saw a lot of smoke coming from the ceiling. Everyone was able to get out safely.

While crews battled the fire, there was another restaurant next door that was at risk of catching fire. Other crews went to protect the second building from the flames.

At one point, the roof of Ben’s Family Restaurant started to collapsed, so firefighters were forced to exit the building to continue battling the fire. An aerial truck was used to fight the fire from above and to protect the restaurant next door.

The fire was under control in about an hour and the firefighters efforts prevented the other building from getting damage by the blaze.

There were no injuries to civilians or fire rescue personnel and the building appears to be a total loss. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

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Kitchen Duct Grease catches fire at Back Yard Burgers

cropped-031414-it-fire01-jpg.jpgGrease catches fire at Back Yard Burgers

MADISON – A build-up of grease caused a fire at the Back Yard Burgers restaurant Tuesday evening.

Madison Fire Chief Derrick Layton said crews had to climb on the roof and spray water down an exhaust tube to extinguish flames coming out of the roof.

“They were cooking burgers and had some grease that had built up,” he explained. “It got heated and caught that grease on fire.”

Layton said a built-in extinguisher system on the grill prevented any damage in the kitchen and the flames were contained inside the exhaust tube.

He said there were no injuries and some minimal damage to the restaurant.

“They had to replace the fan at the top and clean it up real good,” he said. “They had crews in there all night long.”

Fires are scarce in the city, but when they do occur, the fire department is quick to arrive and keep damage to a minimum, Layton said.

He explained they have had 3-4 fires in the last 4-5 months, but no houses have burned down. Last week they responded to a small bedroom fire caused by a lamp, in addition to a lawnmower that burst into flames.

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Man treated for burns after restaurant fire (From The Argus)

A man was treated for minor burns when a fire broke out in a takeaway restaurant.

West Sussex Fire and Rescue was called to Tasty Shoreham Fisheries in Middle Road, Shoreham, at around 21.30 last night (Saturday).

A fire had broken out in the restaurant’s ground-floor extraction system, located in the kitchen.

Crew extinguished the flames, treated the male victim and left the scene at around 11pm.

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