Three burned in downtown Burger King grease fire in kitchen hood

Three people were burned in a grease fire Sunday that erupted in the kitchen of a downtown San Francisco Burger King restaurant.

Just before 2:15 p.m., workers said they heard a rumbling coming from the ventilation hood in the kitchen of the restaurant on Powell Street near Market Street. Then all at once, flames shot from the overhead vents, employees said.

“Everything started filling with smoke. The cashiers jumped over the counter and ran outside,” said 23-year-old John Paul Araujo, who was standing nearby when the fire broke out. “I was just shocked. It caught me off guard.”

Two of the people burned were taken to the hospital with minor injuries, said San Francisco Fire Battalion Chief Marty Ross. Everyone else made it out of the restaurant safely.

Firefighters quickly had the flames under control and said most of the damage was contained to the ventilation system. No nearby buildings were damaged.

The ventilation hood “just gets too hot,” Ross said. “You got to keep that thing clean. If not, the fire will clean it for you.”

via Three burned in downtown Burger King grease fire – SFGate.

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