Granger restaurant blaze started as kitchen fire wHY IT’S iMPORTANT To Train Employees the Right way to put out a FIRE

A cardboard box, a deep fryer and wind. A Granger restaurant owner says those three things started a fire that caused lots of damage to his business and two others in a strip mall.

View inside Copper Creek Cafe

Fire breaks out at Granger strip mall

Courtesy of Shelli Matthews.

The fire appears to have started near an outdoor freezer

The damage is so bad that those three business owners aren’t sure when they will re-open.

The strip mall is on State Road 23, near Bittersweet Road. Investigators say the fire started outside, behind the Copper Creek Café.

Restaurant owner George Tselios told his employees were trying to fill the deep fryer with oil Thursday morning. That oil is in a plastic liner that sits inside a cardboard box, and someone set the box on top of a hot griddle, he said.

Heat from the griddle caused the box to smolder, so workers doused it with water in the sink before throwing the box away from the building, behind the restaurant.

Firefighters say a gust of wind sent it back toward the building and fire quickly spread up the side of the building to the roof.

“I put a lot of blood, sweat and tears in this place trying to get it together,” said Tselios, fighting back tears. “To see something like this happen is hard.”

It was a heartbreaking scene for Tselios and his employees. He opened Copper Creek Café in September 2012 because he liked the location and traffic.

“We have been very successful and we appreciate our business, we love the people out here,” said Dorothy Bouck, a manager and server at the restaurant.

Bouch says she evacuated about a dozen tables of customers as soon as she realized the restaurant was on fire.

“We’ll have to see what we have to do to keep going,” said Doug Fine, who owns the 2nd Time Around consignment shop with his wife Cristal. It sits next door to the restaurant.

An employee working there got out OK, Fine said.

“We need to call the insurance company, see what they can do to help us out. Get the smell out of the clothes,” he added.

The smoke and water damage is only part of it. Firefighters pulled down the ceiling throughout the entire building to make sure the attic wasn’t burning. Even though that may have spared the building from more fire damage, it caused a lot of debris from one end of the restaurant to another.

While he tries to deal with the emotions of what happened, Tselios said he feels sorriest for his employees – his second family.

“She’s my best friend,” he said tearfully, referring to Bouch. “She came from my other restaurant. My kitchen manager, again one of my best friends, came from my other restaurant, so it’s tough.”

“Not quite sure what we’re going to do from here, but George is a good guy,” said Bouch. “He’ll take care of it.”

Tselios’ other restaurant is in White Pigeon.

He, the consignment store owners and Tapped Out, a bar in the strip, all have the same plan – get cleaned up and re-open as soon as possible.

Investigators confirmed late Thursday afternoon the cause of the fire was from a smoldering cardboard box that an employee put on a griddle then threw outside. There were no reported injuries in the fire.


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