Fryer Fire travels up hood & duct : Des Moines Country Club Damaged

Grease Duct FireFire damaged Des Moines Golf and Country Club’s clubhouse Friday morning.

West Des Moines firefighters were called out to the club in the 1600 block of Jordan Creek Parkway around 8:45 a.m. When they got there, they saw flames coming from the lower level of the building.

General Manager, Jim Cutter says a fryer in the downstairs kitchen caught fire, the flames traveled up the hood and then up to the roof.

There’s damage to the ductwork, smoke and water damage to the kitchen, but there was no damage to the roof.

West Des Moines Fire Chief Don Cox says the club`s staff was smart enough to use a fire extinguisher instead of water on the grease fire, but made the mistake of not calling the fire department immediately.

“Sometimes they`re just scared to do that, they`re probably embarrassed that maybe they somehow might have contributed to the fire,” Cox says.

“So they try to put it out before you know they think it gets too big but they don`t realize how quickly it can travel, especially when you`re dealing with dry conditions outside or in this case food product that has grease in it that`ve very flammable.”

Cox says this is the second fire they`ve had in the last four days where someone tried putting the fire out before calling the fire department.

Country club officials say they`re grateful no one got hurt and hope to reopen sometime next week.

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