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Business that you’ve probably never heard of!  Even in bad economic times, the fast food industry keeps thriving – just ask McDonald’s.

And every single one of these fast food restaurants (not to mention kitchens in hospitals, nursing homes, prisons, hotels, country clubs, Schools, etc.) has a kitchen exhaust hood venting system that needs cleaning. 

And the best part is, this is a totally captive market. Due  to recent changes in regulations, cleaning these systems is NOT OPTIONAL.  

If they are not cleaned, and cleaned properly and regularly, the resulting grease buildup will cause a serious fire hazard.

That’s why there are regulations mandating this service, and your local fire Marshall, health inspector, and insurance provider will ensure that there is a lot of business for you.

Because there is little competition, this is easy work to get. This is requirement for all cooking establishments, everybody is on your side – the insurance company, fire marshals, health department personnel, and fire extinguishing service companies are all telling the restaurant owners that they must have their kitchen exhaust hood venting systems cleaned professionally.

This is not a business that requires extensive capital.  It doesn’t require hiring a crew.  You can begin this business overnight, working out of your home.  The income potential is high.  The cost of the chemicals and supplies are minimal.

The main thing you need for this business is the knowledge.

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