Advice for restaurant owners

New or expanding restaurants don’t always have an unlimited amount of money at their disposal, so it makes sense that many owners and managers look for ways to save a buck when they can.

There are lots of opportunities to purchase used restaurant equipment. However, when it comes to purchasing used kitchen hoods and fire protection equipment, it’s best to involve a professional hood cleaning consultant.

Fire safety codes change and older equipment and parts don’t always meet the new codes. Also, older hoods often aren’t UL listed, while many new hoods are. Equipment that is UL listed has had its electrical components tested for potential hazards by the Underwriters Laboratory, an independent testing organization.

It is not required that all kitchen devices be UL listed, but some insurance policies have clauses in them that will limit their liability in case of a claim made in response to the failure of a non-UL-listed device.

Imagine the situations in which a hood installing firm is hired to install used kitchen hoods in restaurants and by the time the necessary upgrades and repairs have been made, the restaurant owner could have had a new hood for about the same price.

A good hood cleaning consultant can help determine the best option for the client and provide several options from which to choose. Choosing a hood cleaning consultant who also provides installation and maintenance services presents an additional benefit the opportunity to package all the services for a better deal.

When the customer gets a complete package deal, there are no additional hidden costs or other surprises.

New or Used
Although there are occasions when buying used is as good as buying new, determining those occasions requires sitting down with a professional and doing some consulting on the front end.

Recommendations have to be made after gathering information on the type of restaurant, the type of food that will be served and the cooking processes used to prepare it. This information helps determine what size kitchen hood will be needed.

Consulting Advantages
Hiring a hood cleaning consultant also can result in long-term savings. If a restaurant is being constructed from the ground up and plumbing and electrical haven’t already been installed, consulting firms can assist in the planning process to ensure that everything is installed in a fashion that saves money now and makes future maintenance and cleaning a piece of cake.

Installing plumbing and electrical in a way that doesn’t impede ongoing maintenance, cleaning and repairs makes it easier to do an effective job and it saves the customer money because the job can be done more quickly.

People are looking for ways to save money and run the kitchen efficiently and all of this can be done in the design phase.

Hood Cleaning Consultant is a full-service restaurant fire protection business.

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