Customers fight kitchen grease fire make sure Fire Suppression equipment is working!

(WMC-TV) – Customers wasted no time trying to put out a grease fire that ignited at CK’s Coffee Shop in Whitehaven early Monday morning.

Witnesses say at one minute customers were enjoying their food and coffee, and in the next, the restaurant was filled with smoke from a fire that started in the kitchen area.

James Flowers is a regular customer who stops by the restaurant almost every day. He says when the fire started, he jumped in to help workers put it out.

“And I came around there to help put it out,” he said. “We used some salt, but it kept a flaming up higher and higher, then we called 911.”

Investigators say the commercial building had a working smoke detector but did not have a working sprinkler system.

Customers say they are already looking forward to the day when CK’s Coffee Shop is back up and running.

“Everybody stops here, lots of the retired customers come in to get their coffee and chit cat in the morning, so it means a great deal to the community, especially Whitehaven,” said Flowers.

It is expected to cost $50,000 to repair the damaged building. Nobody was injured in the fire.


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