Hood Cleaned Professionally


The damage that can be caused by a fire in a restaurant or commercial kitchen can be quite significant. Preventing fire damage is a priority when it comes to commercial kitchens.

Having a commercial kitchen ventilation system cleaned regularly by a professional hood cleaning company can cut the potential for any types of fire hazards.

Because a commercial hood will accumulate large amounts of greasy residue as a result of the cooking process, it is important that this residue be fully removed, as it will act as fuel for any fire and allow a fire to quickly spread around and within the ventilation system.

Frequent, thorough cleaning can prevent many problems in a commercial kitchen. Nearly all restaurant fires begin in the kitchen.

There are many specifications when it comes to the proper cleaning rules for commercial hoods. The commercial hood must be cleaned completely, both inside and out.

Exhaust fans need to be taken apart and cleaned down to the bare metal. It is important to have professional consultation because many of the chemicals that must be used can be caustic.

The fire suppression system must be thoroughly inspected during the cleaning process as well. The end caps on the nozzles must be kept clean, because in the event of a fire, the automatic activation cannot be impeded by any type of grease blockage.

If grease has accumulated in the nozzles, then they will not effectively put out a fire. Utilizing the services of a professional hood cleaning company is a wise move for most restaurant owners.

The cleaning that is necessary extends beyond mere soap and water. There is some specific equipment that is required to properly clean the system and keep it in good working order.

High pressured hoses, scrubbing brushes and vacuums are all part of the process when it comes to cleaning a commercial kitchen ventilation system.

Taking chances with a restaurant kitchen fires can have costly and potentially deadly consequences. Having the right fire prevention plan will help keep the commercial kitchen ventilation system in good working order.

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