Business tradesmen advertising

How do you navigate the internet to find the keywords of your potential clients to get them as customers as they type in the keywords that will bring you to their attention with your services at the moment they need them.

Many consumers use search engines and online directories to find information about Business tradesmen service industry.

The main search engines, in order of popularity, are Google (70%), Yahoo (20%), and Bing (4%).  Popular online business directories include White Pages, Google Maps, and Yellow Pages.

Therefore, create an online presence that is easily found by the search engines using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques and paid listings.

SEO is applying special techniques in the design and promotion of your web page that makes your page more accessible to search engine crawlers and more easily found by your target searchers.

SEO requires much time conducting keyword research and back-linking.

By practicing SEO, you will lower your paid listings cost in the long run because you will optimize your website and directory listings’ visibility in the organic search engine listings.

No online marketing campaign for a hood cleaning business is complete without monitoring your website traffic activity with proper analytics software like Google Analytics or StatCounter.

You must also carefully track your conversion rate to check the effectiveness of your sales copy in your website.

Conversion rate refers to the percentage of visitors to your website that actually made an effort to contact you in some form or fashion.

I have found placing a call tracking number on the website to be an invaluable tool in collecting statistical data on conversion rate.

A normal website conversion rate can be anywhere between 1 and 10%  Data is only helpful if you watch it regularly.

Finally, after collecting and monitoring data on your online marketing efforts for your hood cleaning business, you need to rate that facts to decide whether your campaign is effective or not and make adjustments.

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