Reasons to do Kitchen Hood Cleaning

5 Reasons To Start A Hood Cleaning Business

If you’ve thought of opening your own business have you considered starting a Hood and Duct or Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning service?

Your probably wondering what is a Hood and Duct business and why would I want to start one since I’ve never heard of Kitchen Exhaust Certification?

The following list will describe why Hood & Duct Cleaning is one of the all time best business that you’ve never heard of:

1. Built In Customers:

Every commercial restaurant has to have their kitchen exhaust system cleaned and certified against grease and chemical residue buildup that accumulates as a result of normal everyday cooking activity.

Regular Hood and Duct cleaning certifications are mandated by the insurance companies and regulated by the state and local fire marshal’s office.

2. Easy to Learn:

Learning to clean and certify hood is an acquired skill but it’s not rocket science. Most people can learn to successfully certify a commercial kitchen exhaust system in about five to seven business days.

3. Low Cost to start:

Starting a new business can put you in the poor house when you factor in equipment and training costs.

Learning to clean hoods is a low costs business from  equipment to a marketing standpoint with one of the highest returns on investment of any business.

4. Little Competition:

Most restaurant owners and insurance companies are hard pressed to find a certified Hood and Duct cleaning service.

Good Kitchen Exhaust hood companies receive more referrals that they can handle.

Plus Hood and Duct cleaning services have very high customer retention rates because of the lack of qualified, certified companies.

5. High Income Potential:

The average Hood Cleaning service is around $350.00 per cleaning.

Most good Hood Cleaners try to service between 8 and 10 customers per week .

You do the math but for a week’s training and the right marketing strategy where else can you make the type of money?

This is why Hood and Duct Cleaning or Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Certification services are one of the best low-cost business of all time.

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