Start a Vent Kitchen Hood Cleaning Company


Wondering how to start a vent hood cleaning business?

Industry Overview: Vent Hood Cleaning & Maintenance

Commercial kitchens are full of potential fire hazards. Vent hoods represent a significant fire risk because they accumulate grease and flammable residues that can quickly ignite, jeopardizing the lives of employees and patrons. Fire inspectors routinely scrutinize vent hoods during annual and semi-annual inspections.

As a vent hood cleaning provider, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with local fire codes and market your services to commercial kitchens on a schedule that is geared toward pre-inspection vent hood maintenance.

Fire Safety Standards for Vent Hood Cleaning Companies

Vent hood cleaning businesses operate in accordance with the standards prescribed by the National Fire Protection Association, an organization that issues standards and codes for fire safety practices.

The specific code you need to be concerned about is NFPA 96: Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations. After successfully completing cleaning and maintenance procedures, you will be expected to post a certificate on the vent hood canopy as a service to the kitchen owner and fire inspectors.

Resource Requirements for Operating a Vent Cleaning Business

The resources you’ll need to effectively operate a vent cleaning business generally include cleaning equipment, chemicals and a vehicle capable of transporting materials to customer locations. Industry experience and a working knowledge of fire safety practices is also helpful.

Likewise, you’ll need to educate your team about the proper use and disposal of vent hood cleaning chemicals in order to comply with environmental codes and industry best practices.

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