Start a Commercial Restaurant Hood cleaning Company

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There are very few reputable Companies that are providing this service! Work is all around you – Restaurants * Nursing Homes * Schools* Hospitals * Fair Grounds * Sports Stadiums * Country Clubs*And more!  They all need this service.

Our manual will guide you step by step in all the rules required for the cleaning of restaurant range hoods, grease filters and restaurant equipment, in the correct sequence that they must be done.

This is a very important, very profitable business that is now very undeserved. Grease build up in these systems can lead to a severe flash fire hazard.

You are providing a very valuable service which reduces the risk of a fire and protects life & property Food Services are Required by the local Health Department and Fire Marshal.

upon unannounced inspection to have this area cleaned an inspection is also required by the insurance carrier upon fire Insurance renewal.

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