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NFPA 96 2014 Education Section Member

Membership in the Education Section holds responsibility for education in an organization who shares a sincere interest in fire safety education. 

Provide an atmosphere for information and resource exchange among people and among organizations involved in fire and life safety education as a means of protecting life and property.

Affect the consensus standards process of NFPA to make sure that education requirements and recommendations are reflected in codes and standards.

Promote cooperation among private enterprise, nonprofit organizations, associations, and government agencies with an interest in fire and life safety education at the national, state, and local levels.

NFPA 96: Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection.

Education & Training provides guidelines for commercial kitchen exhaust cleaners and the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) to set up a consistent and record-able set of Competencies for commercial kitchen exhaust cleaners.

The Training is also designed to help Kitchen exhaust cleaning companies enhance their professionalism with all Food Service Industries.

In 1998, to improve commercial kitchen fire safety, NFPA 96 approved the proposal that restaurant Kitchen Exhaust Systems be inspected and cleaned:

NFPA 96 11.6.1

Upon inspection, if found contaminated with deposits from grease-laden vapors, the contaminated portions of the exhaust system shall be cleaned by a properly trained, qualified, and certified company or person(s) acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction.

Since that time growing in several States, Provinces and other jurisdictions are requiring kitchen exhaust systems certification as proof of competency to comply with code requirements.

Hood Cleaning Consulting is providing guidance for the Commercial Food Service industry, Authority Having Jurisdiction and Kitchen exhaust cleaners to set up a consistent and measurable Standard of Care provided by these service companies and people.

Thereby fulfilling the requirements of NFPA 96 standards involving commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaners.

Hood Cleaning Consultant provides practical definitions of what trained, qualified and certified measurement should be when a company or person is seeking to meet the benchmark of “Acceptable to the Authority Having Jurisdiction.”

All of which will answer questions for fire experts and other inspectors on fire safety in kitchens and reduces kitchen Grease fires.

A person who has become proficient in performing a skill reliably and safely through instruction and practice/field experience acceptable to the AHJ.

A competent and capable person or company having the necessary equipment for cleaning and that has met the requirements and training benchmarks acceptable to the AHJ.


A formally stated recognition and approval of an acceptable level of competency, acceptable to the AHJ. 

Certification is provided by the manufacturer of the listed equipment being serviced or an independent third-party acceptable to the AHJ.

The nature of Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning is that training of workers takes place in the on-the-job environment.

Therefore, the “Training” aspect comes from the employer (as opposed to the manufacturers in other related industries).

As the responsible party, it is the employer who evaluates its employees, making the decision to elevate an individual.

This Training and other educational information is provided at no charge to the Authority Having Jurisdiction.

Our Goal is to offer the technical guidance to the AHJ, which will help them in making an informed judgment about qualification of the Kitchen Exhaust Cleaners.

Provide information to fire inspectors and fire investigators on fire protection and code compliance in commercial kitchen Hood Cleaning.

Kitchen exhaust cleaning, also known as hood cleaning,  kitchen hood cleaning, duct cleaning is done with a pressure washer.

The work of kitchen hood cleaning takes place during off-hours when the kitchen is not in operation.

Hood cleaners need to know the NFPA 96 Code & Standards along with ANSI C-10: Standard for Cleaning of Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Systems.  

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